Heading for the UK’s capital? Our trains take you safely and swiftly from Aberystwyth to London, allowing you to relax in comfort.

Whether it's a family day out or for business, let Transport for Wales help you get there on time and in an eco-friendly way.

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Euston Station, in the Borough of Camden, has underground lines taking you to every corner of London, allowing you to experience every adventure the city has to offer.

Widely considered to be one of the most historical and cosmopolitan cities in the world, London’s numerous museums are well worth a visit. The Natural History and Science Museums are near neighbours and both house marvellous collections to educate and awe visitors. With interactive displays, kids can get involved and learning becomes fun, and parents can join in too. South Kensington is home to the V&A and within walking distance is the world-famous British Museum. The latter has collections spanning over two millennia of human civilisation, including the imposing Gates of Ishtar from Ancient Babylon, the Rosetta Stone, and Egyptian mummies.

If you’re seeking blood and gore, however, a trip to the London Dungeon is definitely in order. On the South Bank, this museum of the macabre uses actors, frighteningly realistic wax figures and awesome special effects to recreate episodes from history - the more gruesome, the better! Experience the terrifying witch trials, the Black Death and the Long Drop - the name given to the vertical drop from the gallows, for yourself. The screams coming from the Long Drop thrill-ride could curdle blood - you can even hear the neck vertebrae crack!

The iconic giant Ferris wheel - the London Eye, is high on the tourist trail, and from the top of it 440 feet, the glass pods offer a 360° view across the city. You can see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament on the banks of the river Thames, the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral, the Shard, and even Buckingham Palace. The vast parks that both residents and visitors enjoy so much are easily visible, and you can even spot Windsor Castle on a clear day, lying about 25 miles distant!

Catch the underground to the West End to finish your day with a meal and a show - there’re plenty to choose from, before getting the train home to Aberystwyth. You’ll need several more trips to see only half of what this great city offers. Download our mobile app to keep up-to-date with our special money-saving deals, including the flexible Anytime tickets, leaving you more in your wallet for your return trip.