Travel safe and sound from Ammanford to Swansea on one of our eco-friendly high-speed trains.

We welcome pets and bikes on board, so bring your furry best friend on a memorable adventure, relying on Transport for Wales for taking care of everything else.

Live departures and arrivals
  • Why Choose Transport for Wales?
    • Transport for Wales have created a prestigious transport network that provides comfortable, fast, and safe travel to all our customers at a fraction of the cost. Our advanced transport system allows for stress-free travel regardless of the purpose, be it for school, business, or leisure.
  • Are there any discounts available if I'm travelling with friends?
    • Transport for Wales have prepared incredible discounts for our customers whose favourite thing to do is travel with friends in groups. Travelling has never been so easy and affordable thanks to our group travel offers.
  • What are the accessibility options for TfW trains?
    • We are very passionate about making sure that everyone has equal access to affordable and comfortable travel. This is why Transport for Wales has implemented various features for easy, stress-free ticket booking and train travel, such as ramps and ample space for wheelchairs, accessible push buttons for all the doors, and more. We strive to develop new ways to include everyone in reliable transport every day, so make sure to check for details here.