Catch the train to Heath High Level from Cardiff Central and you'll arrive safe and sound in under 10 minutes, cutting your carbon footprint and saving time and effort - perfect

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  • Are there any discounts available if I'm travelling with friends?
    • Looking to save money and go out with your friends, then let TfW help. We have a range of discounts for our passengers, including those travelling as a group.
  • Can I take my dog on the train?
    • Passengers may take a cat, dog or other small animasl with them (a maximum of two per passenger), free of charge, provided they do not endanger or upset other passengers or staff members. Cats and other small animals must be carried in a secure, enclosed basket, cage or pet carrier.

    • Animals and containers must not occupy seats, otherwise, a charge will be made. Further information can be found here.

  • What destinations does TfW cover?
    • Transport for Wales covers various popular destinations from Cardiff. You can travel to Manchester, London and Birmingham and many places in-between. For a list of places to get to from Cardiff, click here.