If you’re travelling from Carmarthen to the pretty town of Llanelli, it makes sense to catch the train for the thirty minutes trip.

Taking you through the glorious Garden of Wales, you have the luxury of enjoying the scenery whilst relaxing in comfort. Your adventure can even be accompanied by your favourite music - connect to our free onboard Wifi and create your own theme tune! To the north of Swansea, the market town of Llanelli sits on the Loughor estuary. Rich in history, local people are often named ‘Turks’. Whilst its origins are lost in time, it’s suspected that many sailors from Turkey and lands around the Mediterranean would dock here to pick up supplies, or to trade with the Welsh. Important in the Industrial Revolution, Llanelli became the global centre for tinplate production. This product, mainly used for the construction of containers, is made from sheets of steel coated with thin layers of tin. It has excellent corrosion resistance properties, is easily welded and soldered.

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Llanelli is also renowned for its pottery, with each piece featuring a cockerel hand-painted  on its surface. Parc Howard Museum, near the town centre, is home to an impressive collection of iconic pottery. This stunningly impressive Italianate house, constructed in the 19th century is a great place to start your Llanelli adventure. Featuring a number of interactive displays, children can get involved in all the adventures, learning through play and excitement. Set within the well-maintained parkland is a Gorsedd Circle dating from 1962. This marks the site where the druids celebrated the National Eisteddfod, arguably Europe’s biggest poetry and music festival. The grounds are perfect for a wander and the children’s playground is great for tiring out little ones safely. The museum is also home to a large art collection, which includes works by classic artists, whilst showcasing local talent. 

If nature is your thing, head for the Llanelli Wetland Centre. With its 450 acres of lakes, pools, lagoons, and waterways adjacent to the salt marshes, you can spot harriers soaring, ivory white egrets who have made their home throughout the UK, all five native owl species, and if you’re really lucky, you may hear the booming call of the bittern through the reed beds. Grebes, avocets, and kestrels gather here to feed, too, and this really is a glorious way to spend a day out. 

For some retail therapy, St Elli shopping centre is home to all the big high street names and designer labels, but if you’re seeking something a little more unique, browse the various boutique stores along the main streets in Llanelli. Filled with an eclectic mix of gifts and locally produced treasures, including handcrafted jewellery and homemade fudge. Why not treat yourself for the journey home? 

Catching the train back home to Carmarthen allows you to plan your next journey, via our free downloadable app. Keeping you up to date with the latest timetables and money saving discounts on tickets, it allows you to keep more in your wallet for your next day out.