Running parallel to the Welsh border, the journey from Chester to Cardiff takes you through some of the most scenic landscapes you’ll ever see.

Lasting approximately two and a half hours, with the option to relax in first-class comfort, catching up on work, social media or enjoying a good book will make the time fly by.

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The Welsh capital, Cardiff is a rich, culturally vibrant city, and with more green areas per inhabitant than any other UK city, it is an enviable place to live, and is the perfect destination for a day out by train.  

Cardiff Bay is home to the iconic, instantly recognisable Millennium Centre. With a vast selection of shows, workshops, and productions there’s something to suit every taste. While close by is the home of rugby, the Principality Stadium. However, this impressive stadium hosts cricket, football and motor races, as well as the Welsh National Game.

For shopaholics needing their fix, big-name brands fill the shopping centres, and small, ultra-chic boutiques showcase homegrown talents and local artisan crafts. Everywhere there are welcoming coffee houses, inviting you to take the weight off, while you plan the next stage. 

If you’re seeking thrills and spills, there’s plenty to keep you entertained, and the Cardiff Bay Water Activity Centre, cross country bike tours and climbing lessons are a must-do. Visible from all corners of Cardiff, the Castle walls soar topped by fairytale turrets. Throughout the day, guided tours take you from the deepest dungeons to the highest point, where you can gaze out over this gorgeous, lively city. 

Be it for work or pleasure, catching the train from Chester to Cardiff is a great way to travel. Relax, enjoy our onboard catering service, and alight, feeling refreshed and ready for the experience of a lifetime. Keep up-to-date with our easily accessible app