Cut harmful emissions and keep your carbon footprint down by catching the train from Merthyr Tydfil to Swansea.

With the help of our group travel discount, you can further reduce your travel expenses if you're organising a day out with friends, or a trip with the family, check out the family and friends railcard.

Live departures and arrivals
  • Why Choose Transport for Wales?
    • Because we've worked hard to build an unbeatable reputation for providing an affordable, accessible and efficient service across Wales and beyond, you can rely on us to get you to your destination safely, quickly and in comfort.
  • What types of train tickets can you get?
    • Despite other travel companies raising their prices, Transport for Wales have always kept ours as low as possible, and we're not changing that now. From Off-peak, or Advanced to First Class corporate ticket options, find our range of budget friendly tickets here.
  • What are the accessibility options for TfW trains?
    • With ongoing improvements to accessibility accross our network, including ramps, wheelchair spaces and easy-to-reach buttons, we want everyone to feel welcome. Read about our plans to make Transport for Wales all-inclusive here.