Principality Stadium, Cardiff

Upcoming concerts


Harry Styles

Tuesday 20 June

Wednesday 21 June


  • Cardiff Central queue map
    • Cardiff Central queue map for Harry Styles

  • Cardiff Central car park closures
    • Cardiff Central Riverside car park (Wood Street):

      • Harry Styles - Closed 20:00 Monday 19 June 2023 - 04:00 Thursday 22 June 2023

    • Cardiff Central rear car park (Penarth Road):

      • Harry Styles - Closed 06:00 Saturday 17 June 2023 - 04:00 Thursday 22 June 2023 (accessible parking still available)

    • Temporary taxi rank feeder station - Cardiff Central rear car park (Penarth Road):

      • The feeder taxi rank in Penarth Road rear station car park will be closed on Tuesday 20 - Wednesday 21 June 2023.


Cardiff Queen Street

For all 2 event dates, the station will close at 22:00 except for Cardiff Bay and accessible access.



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Services in and around Cardiff will be busy

Find trains with space, visit

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Buy Before You Board

You must buy your ticket before getting on the train. Download the TfW app or visit Revenue Protection Inspectors will be doing ticket checks.

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Post-event queue

A post-event queuing system will be in place at Cardiff Central station. Passenger numbers will be restricted for return journeys, please be patient.

Person under the influence

Public safety

Anyone under the influence of alcohol who is considered a threat to their own or public safety will be refused travel.




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