Borth is a charming village on the west coast of Wales near Aberystwyth. With a range of family-friendly attractions, comfortable and affordable places to stay and warm, welcoming locals, it offers the perfect holiday destination. Borth is the ideal place from which to explore the area around Aberystwyth.



1. Go Wild at Ynyslas National Nature Reserve

As part of the 2000 acre Dyfi National Nature Reserve, there’s so much to explore across the reserve that you can easily lose track of a whole day. The region consists of three main habitats - the Ynyslas Dunes, the Dyfi Estuary Mudflats and the peat bogs at Cors Fochno, and they became a designated Nature Reserve in 1969. 

The Ynyslas Sand Dunes are some of the largest dunes in Wales and are increasing in size every year thanks to the strong winds that blow across them, and the sea bringing fresh sand at every high tide. 
Providing the perfect habitat for rare orchids, liverworts, and fungi, in the summer the dunes play host to a rich and vibrant carpet of wildflowers. Stonechats, linnets and the seldom-seen but frequently heard lark hide in the marram grass clumps, and viviparous and sand lizards, voles and polecats can be spotted if you’re very lucky.

On the beach, the remains of a submerged forest can be seen at low tide, rising eerily from the wet, shimmering sands, wading birds hunting for food between the trunks. The estuary itself is home to shelducks, dunlin, and sanderlings, while out at sea, dolphins and porpoises are often seen playing in the waves. Osprey are frequent visitors, indicating that the estuary has a good supply of fish to feed on. Otters, too, hunt for their meals among the shallow waters. 

Cors Fochno peat bogs form the perfect hunting grounds for raptors, such as red kites, hen harriers and falcons, where prey disturbed by wild Welsh ponies and fallow deer make tasty meals. The rare Dartford warbler, nightingale and elusive nightjars can also be spotted here, and the peat bogs are the only place in England and Wales to see the Greenland white-fronted goose.

With several waymarked trails across the nature reserve, this is the ideal location for getting away from it all - don’t forget your binoculars.  


2. Enjoy a day at Borth Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Wales, Borth Beach has three long miles of soft golden sand and offers child-friendly shallow waters. Perfect for swimmers, windsurfers and sailboarders, the beach has been awarded a Blue Flag for safety, clean water and public environmental education. There is also a seasonal lifeguard service, allowing parents to relax a little while children play. 

Once the sandcastles have been built, and the swimming is all finished, the beach is close to cafes and restaurants offering a wide choice of meal options and the opportunity to brush off the sand before the next adventure. 


3. Follow the Aberystwyth Mystery Treasure Trail

Offering visitors the chance to download their own treasure trail in the form of a PDF, the Aberystwyth Mystery Treasure Trail is the perfect way to have fun and learn all about the area. A self-guided tour, you progress at your own speed, meaning that if you want to stop and head ‘off-piste’, you can. This opens up a wealth of opportunities for personalised adventures, and even repeating the ones you’ve already completed, but with differing routes. 

Making things a little bit harder - it is a treasure trail, after all, are the puzzles that need to be solved. The codes and clues are hidden around Aberystwyth on landmarks, signposts and statues, and working as a team may bring some clarity. Follow the trail around the city, through twisting alleys and archways, up steps and down hills, on a circular route that takes in Aberystwyth’s best attractions. 

If you really are stuck, however, there is a mobile text service offering hints and clues, and this ensures that every trail can be solved - but don’t tell your teammates.