The seaside town of New Quay lies on the glorious Cardigan Bay to the southwest of Aberystwyth. Growing up around the natural harbour and nutrient-rich farmland, the town soon expanded from a few thatched cottages to terraced houses surrounding the sheltered bay. Trade increased and the shipbuilding industry attracted more workers. 

Now popular as a tourist destination, New Quay offers numerous attractions, but also makes a great base to explore the West coast of Wales.


1. Relax and Enjoy Harbour Beach

Beautifully sheltered, Harbour Beach is New Quay’s most popular beach. The soft golden sand sweeps around the bay towards the pier and harbour, giving families plenty of space to build sandcastles and play. 

Awarded a blue flag for its safety, water quality and cleanliness, the beach is well managed, has a lifeguard service and is a designated safe swimming area. Every year the New Quay regatta is held on Harbour Beach, and the must-be-mad New Year’s Day swimmers race across the sand to be the first into the water.

Being so close to the town and its amenities, including local shops and beach-front cafes, Harbour Beach offers a family-friendly beach adventure. 

New Quay


2. Watch the Dolphins at the Marine Wildlife Centre

Based in the stunning Cardigan Bay, the Marine Wildlife Centre delivers the opportunity to experience nature close up. Designated a Special Area of Conservation, the bay is home to an impressive collection of rarely seen sea life. Stretching from Pembrokeshire’s Ceibwr Bay to Aberarth in Ceredigion, and extending almost 14 miles out to sea, a wide variety of habitats and important species are protected. 

The Wildlife Centre and the dedicated volunteers who work there operate boat tours out into the bay where they collect valuable data that helps the conservation of wildlife, whilst giving you the chance to watch bottle-nosed dolphins, harbour porpoises and Atlantic grey seals. You may be lucky enough to see seasonal visitors including the giant sunfish, leatherback turtles and impressive basking sharks. On the cliffs around the coast, you can often spot guillemots and razorbills nesting on the craggy outcrops. 

The Marine Wildlife Centre provides a glimpse into a world rarely seen and is a must-do when you visit New Quay. 


3. Get Busy with the New Quay Honey Farm

Opened in 1995, the New Quay Honey Farm now has hives all across Ceredigion with millions upon millions of bees collecting pollen and making honey. By visiting a huge variety of flowers, the resulting honey takes on different flavours. From sweet clovers to apple blossom and orchids, the blended honey has a deeply rich diversity. 

The Honey Farm also showcases their bee-related products, including beautiful candles made from delicate sheets of beeswax, and mead - the delicious alcoholic drink our ancestors loved, comprised of wine and honey.

Allowing visitors to experience the complexity of a bee colony, the ‘Bees Behind Glass’ exhibition gives a fascinating insight into bees. The on-site shop is well-stocked with bee gifts and products, including honey cosmetics and face creams, and why not try their homemade honey and other delicious treats at the cafe?


With numerous attractions, beautiful countryside and easy rail links, New Quay is a great holiday destination.