Treherbert Line Transformation FAQs


These FAQs include information on:

  • The benefits
  • Length of time for the work
  • Token system
  • Disruption 
  • Buses
  • Passenger Assistance
  • School support
  • Fares (including Rhondda Rail Card)
  • Capacity
  • Station closures
  • Customer communication 
  • Funding
  • Contacts for further information


The benefits

  • What benefits will this work bring?
    • Metro will help to support economic growth across the region by improving the connections across South Wales and beyond. It’ll mean faster, more frequent and better journeys for passengers.
    • The brand-new tram-trains that will service Metro are electric and produce less CO2 than the trains currently in service. The new trains are also quieter for both those onboard the train and those living close to the railway. Better, more reliable public transport will also mean that less people will need to use their cars, easing the strain on the congested roads around Cardiff and surrounding areas.


Length of time for the work

  • Why is the work taking so long?
    • The Treherbert Line has some of the oldest track and equipment across the network, dating back to the early 1930’s. There is a huge amount of work needed to modernise this section of Railway. This includes removing the old Token Exchange Signalling System and installing a brand-new signalling system on the entire line, as well as the diversion of a significant gas and water main and installing new track, connections and stations footbridges.
  • How long have you known about the closure/why hasn’t this been communicated earlier?
    • We've been considering options for Treherbert for some time, but following early consultation, we wanted to challenge ourselves to all options. This approach is the least disruptive and most efficient way of delivering a huge amount of work that allows the majority to be delivered during the day.


The Token System

  • What is being done with the token system and equipment when it’s uninstalled?
    • We are looking to work with communities and other organisations to identify items of heritage interest and value, such as the Treherbert Line token machines. Following best practice and guidance, we are currently exploring opportunities which include their possible conservation and are evaluating these accordingly.



  • Will the work cause disruption?
    • If you live near the railway, there’s a very good chance that our work on Metro will affect you. This may include: 
      • Noise from piling works
      • Road closures
      • Changes to rail timetables and rail replacement bus services 
    • We’ll be sending letters in advance to our neighbours who we think will be affected. In some cases, when we must act quickly, this might not be possible.
  • What noise and light can I expect?
    • We will endeavour to carry out our most disruptive work during the daytime. Alternatively, we will be using other mitigation methods such as; 
      • Acoustic baffling and quieter equipment
      • Electric tools and solar powered generators
      • Ensuring diesel fuelled machines are away from homes 
      • LED lighting to reduce light pollution.
  • Why is it not possible for the works to be conducted over a series of smaller blocks to minimise impact?
    • This is not possible due to works taking place which will see the signalling areas controlled by Radyr Junction and Abercynon signal boxes recontroled to the new Integrated Control Centre in Taffs Well. When this happens, there will no longer be a connection between that signalling and the signalling on the Treherbert line which currently works by a token system. As a result, there is no operational way to run a train between Pontypridd and the Treherbert line.



  • How many buses do you think you will need? Are you confident that you will have the capacity to deliver an efficient and effective replacement service?
    • We are confident in our ability to resource the current plan and will adjust to include more capacity should this be required.
  • What kind of buses will these be?
    • The bus fleet will be a combination of service buses and coaches.
  • What is the long-term Treherbert bus replacement plan from 5 June?
    • The rail replacement bus timetable will consist of:
      • Pick up points will change to accommodate the faster journey options.
      • A “core” timetable pattern of one bus every 30 minutes, stopping at all stations.
      • A semi-express AM and PM peak enhancement to reduce journey times and add capacity.
      • A dedicated school plan for Treorchy Comprehensive school.
      • Enhanced provision for special events including Christmas.
      • Later-running services on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from Cardiff Central straight up to the Rhondda valleys - approximately 45 minutes later than current rail service provision.
      • TfW colleagues on hand at key locations to support customers.
      • Extra vehicles available to respond to any operational or capacity issues as they arise.
  • Why run buses every 30 minutes? Would it be better to run them every 15 mins? Or 20 mins?
    • This mirrors the train service pattern. We also need to be mindful of connecting trains at Pontypridd, and the direct and indirect resource impact on the number of buses required.
  • Where will the rail replacement buses be based?
      • Pontypridd - station entrance forecourt.
      • Trehafod - station entrance on Trehafod Road, near the subway.
      • Porth - to Trehafod - local bus stop on Porth Street at junction with Mary Street. To Dinas Rhondda, bus stop on Pontypridd Road, near Leith House.
      • Dinas Rhondda - the end of the access lane near the bridge (pre-June 4).  Brithweunydd Road, Top of Station Road B4278 (post-June 4).
      • Tonypandy - station entrance next to roundabout.
      • Llwynypia - bus stop on Salem Terrace, close to the station entrance.
      • Ystrad Rhondda - Gelligaled Road, near the junction with Brook Street.
      • Ton Pentre - end of station footpath near to the petrol station.
      • Treorchy - Station Road (A4061). To Treherbert, it will be in front of Parc and Dare. To Pontypridd, it will be opposite the library.
      • Ynyswen - Ynyswen Road close to Cuts and Curls. Towards Treherbert, station side. Towards Pontypridd, after Woodland Terrace.
      • Treherbert - outside station entrance on Station Street.
  • Are there alternative local bus journeys along the Treherbert line?
  • What is happening with Porth interchange?
    • Porth interchange, located at Porth Railway Station, will bring together bus and rail for the first time in the area. It is likely to become operational in Autumn 2023.


Passenger Assistance

  • I am a wheelchair user, can I access the rail replacement bus service?
    • The buses are wheelchair accessible with low loading floors. For advice and to book assistance in advance call our Passenger Assist team 03330 050 501.
  • Can I book Passenger Assistance onto a bus?
    • Yes. For advice and to book assistance in advance call our Passenger Assist team 03330 050 501.


School support

  • What plans are in place to support local schools on this line?
    • We are currently assessing the needs for schools during the first five weeks of these works. More information on this will be made available shortly.
    • The plan from 5 June is as follows (during term time):
    • In the morning pupils will use the advertised Rail Replacement Service (RRS) plan. Capacity will be doubled (2 buses instead of 1) on the service that we expect the pupils to use ie the one closest to 08:30:
    • Heading North, the 07:46 off Pontypridd arriving at Treorchy at 08:19. Heading South, the 08:07 off Treherbert arriving at Treorchy at 08:15.
    • In the afternoon, pupils will be able to use the standard RRS should they wish. This will operate at advertised times and at the advertised pick-up point. However, we would encourage pupils to make their way to the bus stop on Station Road (stop name Pencelli Hotel, stop ID rhojmgj). This is outside Ystradfechan Bowls Club where we will have dedicated standbys and a member of staff to take the pupils to their destination on the route (stopping at the advertised RRS pick up points as needed).
    • Please see the attached school FAQ for more information.



  • What consideration has been given to fares for traveling during this period?
    • As the South Wales Metro project progresses, from 29 April 2023 till early February 2024, customers boarding / departing at stations between Treherbert and Trehafod will be eligible for a 50% discount on their journey. Our Rhondda Railcard is free and will be available as a detachable part of a leaflet available for the customers to collect. A dedicated web page has been set up with more information about the railcard including where to get hold of one at
  • Why has a discounted railcard been offered to those who live / work of this line but not for customers on other lines also impacted by disruption?
    • The Treherbert line has some of the oldest equipment and infrastructure across the entire CVL), dating back to the early 1930’s. The sheer scale of work needed on this particular line to get it ready for the South Wales Metro means the route between Pontypridd and Treherbert will be closed and no train services will operate for around eight months. Following stakeholder engagement with the local community, a railcard was agreed to support those customers who will be most impacted during this period. 
  • I am not a resident in Rhondda but I travel frequently on this line. Why can’t I access the discounted railcard?
    • Regular users of the rail replacement buses can request a railcard from TfW customer relations or pick them up when they use the buses from TfW colleagues.
  • If I have a Rhondda Rail Card, how do I apply the discount when making my purchase from a Ticket Vending Machine (TVM)?
    • Customers can temporarily select the existing '18 Saver Railcard' from the drop down on the TVM which also gives a 50% discount while our TVM supplier builds a new 'Rhondda Railcard' button. The button should be available in early May. Customers can use Payzone convenience stores as an alternative location to purchase their 50% discounted tickets, as well as via our website and app.  
  • Will those who already have a season ticket be able to get a refund/compensation?
    • Any customer who has a pre-existing ticket will be able to use the ticket on the replacement bus during the closure of the line.
  • Are there any Rhondda railcard discounts for children?
    • No, the normal child 50% discount applies.

    • We also offer free travel for 5-10 year olds travelling with an adult at any time and free travel for 11-15 year olds travelling with an adult off peak, click here for more information.

    • We also offer 55% off season tickets for students under 17 to schools who purchase season tickets through TfW Business Travel.



  • How do you plan to manage the inevitable increased congestion at Pontypridd?
    • With additional bus co-ordinators and crowd management stewards in place, we anticipate this easing as much congestion as possible.
  • Will there be enough capacity on existing Pontypridd to Cardiff trains to absorb those joining at Pontypridd from the replacement buses?
    • The Treherbert trains will continue to run in their normal path between Pontypridd and Cardiff in both directions. We have explored the option of running buses directly to Cardiff at peak times, but when you factor in traffic congestion, there was no proved time saving.
  • What is happening with all the trains that would normally run on this route? Will we be providing extra capacity elsewhere? 
    • Yes, a limited number of trains will be freed up to help cover other units which are currently out of use - likely to be Wrexham - Bidston to start with. The full Treherbert closure saves 3 Class 150’s.


Station closures

  • What stations / platforms will be restricted during the works?
    • Customers will not be able to access the platform at Treherbert (from 29 April), Dinas Rhondda (from 29 April) and Ynyswen (from end of May) - these will be closed. 
    • Platform validators will not be available at any stations between Pontypridd and Treherbert.
  • Why is Quaker’s Yard station closed?
    • Quaker’s Yard station will remain closed until mid-October while we complete major engineering work for the South Wales Metro. We are working extremely hard to ensure all necessary works are complete so the station can reopen as quickly as possible, this includes ensuring we have regulatory approval from our partners in the Office of Rail and Road.
    • We would like to thank our customers for their patience and understanding during this time and apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


Customer communication

  • How are customers being updated?
    • We will continue to update our website and use pop-ups and banners to help take customers directly through to relevant webpages and information. We are also in the process of changing the layout of the ‘Changes to train services’ webpage to make it more accessible for customers.
    • We have issued a press release - 50% off travel on TfW services for residents during Treherbert Line transformation - and we are posting regularly across our social media channels. This includes responding to enquiries and feedback, which are being shared with relevant colleagues to helping us further improve our customer information and delivery of this work programme.
    • A new style of poster and wayfinding information has been developed to help make this information more prominent to customers and our Community and Stakeholder Community Engagement Team are leading a busy programme of events and other activities (drop-ins, community meetings, meet the manager sessions at stations, local flyering etc) to inform customers about the Rhondda rail card and the works that will be happening.



  • How are these works being funded?
    • The Welsh Government and TfW are committed to an ambitious programme of Metro improvements and this is known as the Core Valleys Lines (CVL) Transformation. This transformation project has been part-funded by the European Regional Development Fund.


Contacts for further information

  • Where can customers find more information?
    • Our Customer Services team is available to answer your questions 24/7, so please call us on 03333 211 202. Alternatively, you may contact us via WhatsApp on 07790 952 507 (07:00 - 20:00 on Monday to Friday, 08:00 - 20:00 on Saturday, and 11:00 - 20:00 on Sunday).
    • If you're looking for more information or would like the information presented in a different format, please visit You can learn more about our vision for the South Wales Metro by visiting You can also learn about our work to build the Metro at
    • To learn more about the work we’re doing in your community, please visit our Facebook page: