A break in the glorious town of Carmarthen is just the thing for blowing away the cobwebs and giving yourself a bright, new perspective, so why not catch the train and remove any need to drive.

Make the most of your trip with our free onboard Wi-Fi, allowing you to catch up on paperwork, the latest celeb gossip, or just have a chat with your friends. Believed to be the oldest town in Wales, Carmarthen has a lot to offer the visitor looking for history, culture, and fun. Named after the wizard and wise man, Merlin, this town saw its first inhabitants in AD 75, and many relics of these Romans have been found since, including the ruins of one of the UK’s most impressive amphitheatres. With numerous attractions and things to do, Carmarthen offers something for every member of the family.

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Erected around the same time as the famous castle, fortified town walls were unheard of in Wales before Carmarthen’s protective boundary was constructed. The castle is well worth a visit for both history buffs, and adventure seekers. Built in the 12th century by Walter, Sheriff of Gloucester, it has survived sackings, sieges, even destruction on the orders of Oliver Cromwell in the mid-1600s, and in the 1950s gained a Grade I heritage listing, ensuring its preservation for generations to come. 

If castles are your thing, head just outside Carmarthen’s boundary to the impressive Kidwelly Castle. With a name that means ‘swan’ in Welsh, and overlooking the picturesque River Gwendraeth, this is a splendidly preserved Norman castle. Constructed around the same time as nearby Carmarthen Castle, its edifice has been made famous thanks to its starring role in the cult film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. 

This ancient land, with its numerous castles, old churches and Roman ruins, is often covered in low lying mists thanks to the waterways that meander through the lowlands. There is an atmosphere of timeless magic, of King Arthur, his magician, Merlin, and the spirits of long forgotten battles. The perfect backdrop for ghostly tales, take a Creepy Carmarthen Tour and lose yourself in legends, folklore and mystery. Great fun for older children and adults, the tour guides are infinitely knowledgeable, bringing a mix of history and spooky tale alive in front of your eyes. 

St Catherine’s Walk easily takes care of your retail fix, providing all the big high street names and designer labels you could ever wish for, while Merlin’s Walk caters for those with more artistic tastes. If you’re after unique gifts for others or something special for yourself, browse through the independent boutiques and emporiums full of handmade crafts. There are also some lovely places to grab a bite to eat, too.

Catch the train home to Bangor after your break in the ancient market town of Carmarthen, knowing that there’s plenty more to see next time. Downloadable our app and be the first to know about our special money saving offers, including our popular Group Discounts and versatile Multiflex Tickets, leaving you plenty in your wallet for your next adventure.