The capital of Wales, Cardiff is a wonderful destination for a weekend break, and it’s easy to get there by train from Glasgow.

Relax on the six-hour journey, and take full advantage of our free Wifi - maybe you want to catch up with your social media, or there’s a Scandi drama to immerse yourself in. Cardiff is an internationally popular tourist destination, with numerous attractions throughout this vibrant, culturally rich and diverse city. Whether you’re after retail therapy, a meander through the backstreets, or something more exciting, Cardiff has it all.

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Home to the creative arts, Cardiff has fostered some great talents, including Roald Dahl, actor Ioan Gruffudd, and the wonderful Shirley Bassey. Star of US drama, Lucifer, Tom Ellis was born in Cardiff and a number of shows have been filmed in the city. The hugely popular Dr Who spinoff, Torchwood, and the BBC adaptation of Sherlock, starring Benedict Cumberbatch are all filmed in Cardiff.

Cardiff Castle, looking out over the city centre, is a must-see. Built on Roman foundations dating back to 50 A.D. in the late 11th century, and partially redesigned in the 1800s for the 3rd Marquis of Bute, the castle has elements of a fantasy fairytale. You wouldn’t be surprised to see Rapunzel letting down her golden hair from one of the impressive towers. The Marquis was, at the time the richest man in the world, and all his wishes were lavishly indulged in the redesign - this can be easily seen in the jaw dropping Arab Room and the Victorian magic of the Castle Apartments. 

For shopaholics, Cardiff has plenty to offer. The Queens Arcade houses all the big high street names and bright lights of the designer shops, but if you’re after something a little more unusual, head for the city’s Victorian arcades. Full of boutique stores showcasing local crafts and handmade artisan gifts, you’re bound to come away with bulging bags!

The stylish Bay area has numerous chic cafes and restaurants, and is home to the iconic Millennium Centre. Instantly recognisable, the wood, slate, glass and steel used in the design are evocative of the natural elements of wild Wales. With a year round programme of events, performances and exhibitions, including contemporary dance, classic opera and stand up comedy, there is something to suit every taste here. 

Visiting Cardiff by train is a great way to see the city, plus in these days of eco-awareness, catching the train makes perfect sense. Downloading our easy-to-use app keeps you up-to-date with the latest money-saving offers on train fares, including our flexible Anytime tickets, over 50s discounts and group offers, meaning that you’ll have more in your wallet for your trip to Cardiff.