Give yourself a break and treat yourself with a fun time with your kids, explore the historical monuments and modern art, or simply kick back and relax on your trip from Swansea to Welshpool.

Transport for Wales is here to give you and your loved ones a stress-free train ride with an abundance of money-saving options when purchasing your tickets.

Live departures and arrivals
  • Why Choose Transport for Wales?
    • Enjoying a hassle-free, comfortable, and relaxing travel experience is now a possibility every single time you travel with Transport for Wales. We place the highest priority on keeping our customers satisfied by innovating train-travel in a way that reflects the needs of all our customers.
  • What types of train tickets can you get?
    • Our comprehensive selection of budget-conscious fares was created with meeting all of our customers’ needs in mind. Enjoy your trips and save money with our Anytime, Off-peak, Advanced, or Season tickets. Check out all our deals by following this link.
  • What are the ways to buy your ticket?
    • Transport for Wales devises new strategies for keeping up with the travel demands of the modern customer. This is why travelling with us has never been easier. You have the possibility of choosing between booking your ticket on a phone call, through our free app or via our website, or face-to-face at the station and on the train.
    • More information is available here.