Taking just thirty minutes by train, the journey from Trefforest to Aberdare allows you to arrive feeling relaxed and refreshed, and with our money saving special offers, including Off-peak discounts, you’ll have plenty left in your wallet to enjoy this beautiful Welsh town.

Aberdare lies at the confluence of two rivers - the Dare and the Cynon. Thanks to the fertile soil, the region became a hub for agriculture and food production in the 1200s, and by the time the Industrial Revolution arrived in the late 18th century, it was already a thriving settlement. The discovery of iron and coal seams nearby brought a steady influx of people seeking employment in the mines, leading the town’s population to expand rapidly. The new workers added to the rich culture and vitality of the town, and inhabitants enjoyed a good standard of living.

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Thanks to that cultural diversity, Aberdare is well established as one of Wales’ tourist hotspots. With a wealth of family-friendly attractions, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. 

Welsh has always been the prominent language of the region - believed, by some, to stem from the desire to differentiate between the original inhabitants of Aberdare and the newcomers from outside the area. During the mid 20th century a thriving publishing industry grew, with Aberdare becoming the centre for Welsh language publications. The collection of published works is housed in the Cynon Valley Museum, which also plays host to numerous relics and treasures from the area’s long period of habitation. Showcasing local artists, there’s an impressive gallery of contemporary works, including textiles and sculptures. 

Aberdare’s High Street is perfect for any shopaholic, with all the big name stores, and more exclusive designer labels. If, however, you’re after something a little more unusual, the Indoor Market is the place to go. Jam packed with independent stores and colourful boutique stalls, there’s a treasure to suit every taste. Hand thrown pottery, studio glassware and even beautifully delicate handmade paper can all be found in this eclectic mix of delights. 

Head for the glorious Dare Valley Country Park to relieve the stresses and strains of everyday life. Taking a gentle stroll through the grasslands and woods, rich in biodiversity provides enough vitamin D for months, and is great for tiring out children! Watch the skies for the stunning aerial gymnastics of the peregrine falcons, and look hard at the foaming white waters of the river. You might spot the flash of a kingfisher, or the well camouflaged rare ring ouzel. Watch out, too, for lizards, slow worms and if you visit at dusk, bats swooping out of the sky. It’s a great chance to pull kids out of the high tech world of tablets they so often inhabit, and get them learning.

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