The Transport for Wales team

The main purpose of our Board is to ensure Transport for Wales meets the requirements of its remit as set by the Welsh Government, and to ensure the delivery of our strategy.

The TfW Board is made up of the Chair, Chief Executive, four independent non-executives and two executive members. Its role is to:

  • provide effective leadership for TfW; defining and developing strategic direction, and setting objectives;
  • provide effective leadership for the operation of the organisation; holding the Chief Executive to account for ensuring that TfW’s activities are conducted efficiently and effectively;
  • monitor performance to ensure that TfW fully meets its aims, objectives and performance targets; and
  • promote high standards of public finance; upholding the principles of regularity, propriety and value for money. 


The Board meets eleven times a year, and has additional Board Development Days as required. We publish minutes of our Board meetings; they are available here



Board of Directors

Non-Executive Directors

Executive Directors

James Price (Chief Executive)

Heather Clash (Finance Director)


Senior Leadership Team 

The Board delegates to the Chief Executive, in consultation with the Chair, the discharge of all functions other than the following:

  • any matter reserved to the Board;
  • any matter delegated to a committee or sub-committee of the Board.

To support the Chief Executive in delivering these functions, our management structure consists of a number of groups that oversee the organisation's strategic and operational activities.

The Senior Leadership Team works in partnership with the Board when developing TfW’s strategy. The Senior Leadership Team is accountable for the day-to-day activities of the organisation and provides corporate leadership. 

The Executive consists of the Chief Executive and the seven Executive Directors and two Directors.

As TfW’s Accounting Officer, the Chief Executive (James Price) is personally responsible for:

  • the proper stewardship of the public funds;
  • day to-day operations and management of Transport for Wales; and
  • ensuring compliance with the requirements of ‘Managing Welsh Public Money’.