Lying on the River Towy, some say Carmarthen is the oldest town in Wales.

  • Carmarthen Market - It’s been going strong for over 800 years. The market is a must-see, offering some of the best local produce in Wales.
  • Carmarthen Castle - The remains of this castle are fascinating to behold. Built in the early 1100’s, the castle was captured and destroyed on several occasions. It became the county prison in 1789, but thankfully, you can leave when you’re done exploring these days.
  • Carmarthen Museum - The museum’s collections span 50,000 years of human history. Special exhibitions are hosted throughout the year, so why not book yours today?


A weekend in Carmarthen

Bannau Brycheiniog National Park - If you enjoy making the most of the great outdoors, this is well worth a visit. You’ll find many walking trails, family water sports, canal trips and much more.

Gwili Railway - Located in the village of Bronwydd three miles north of Carmarthen, this is a real gem. The line follows the River Gwili on an uphill journey through beautiful farmland and wooded hillsides.

Wales Coast Path - Get your walking boots on and take on the 67 mile Carmarthenshire stretch from Amroth in the west to Llanelli in the east.