Catching the train for the one hour and thirty-minute journey from Bristol to Hereford allows you to arrive feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead. Why not make full use of your time by catching up with work via the free Wifi offered on the trains, or relax with a good film?

The city of Hereford has a rich heritage and a lively cultural tapestry to explore. Sitting on the River Wye, there are numerous attractions and family friendly activities to enjoy on your day out in this ancient settlement.

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Home to world famous 13th-century parchment, the Mappa Mundi, Hereford Cathedral is a great starting point. This ancient manuscript is the largest map of the then known world, and it records how scholars saw the earth, both geographically and spiritually. The beautiful hand drawn map shows the apparent locations of mythical sea monsters that were believed to be real threats to the medieval sailors.

Lying just outside the main town is the 12th-century Longtown Castle. This impressively well preserved building was originally constructed on part of a Roman fort. The earth that was removed to build the ditch surrounding the fort created the hill that the motte now stands on. The perfect place for a picnic, any youngsters will love to explore the castle remains while you enjoy the peaceful location. 

If you like your history a little more active, head for Battlelands Paintball where you can recreate those long-ago battles, bringing them bang up-to-date with the addition of paintballs. Clay pigeon shooting is also on offer for those who prefer a more sedentary challenge. Nearby, the Raceway holds fiercely contested go-kart races that anyone can join in.  

Before heading home, have a browse around Hereford’s shops. Many independent retailers have set up their businesses here, and there are lots of quaint and quirky boutiques showcasing unusual gifts and local artisan crafts. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind present for a friend (or yourself!) Hereford’s where you’ll find the perfect thing. 

Catching the train home at the end of the day, you can sit back and reflect on your Hereford adventure. Download our easy-to-use app to keep abreast of all the latest deals, and money saving special offers, including group discounts, ideal if you’re planning a day out with friends.