For an eco-friendly way to travel, hop on one of our trains from Hereford to Caerphilly.

Want to bring along your dog for company? You can take up to two dogs on our trains for free. Check here for more information on other pets that are allowed.

Live departures and arrivals
  • Why Choose Transport for Wales?
    • Transport for Wales has been putting customers first since 2016. Saving you time and money all whilst making sure you arrive at your destination safely. We have put a number of procedures in place to help limit the spread of coronavirus, which you can read about here. You can rely on us to put you first.
  • Do the trains have free WiFi?
    • Complementary WiFi is available on the majority of our trains, take advantage and relax with the latest film, catch up on your favourite boxset, or, if you need to, check your work emails! All the details are here.
  • What are the accessibility options for TfW trains?
    • Here at Transport for Wales, we are passionate about making travel accessible for all. Better accessibility benefits everyone, from those with health conditions or impairments, families with pushchairs and young children and some older people. With this, we are reducing the number of car journeys that cause congestion and carbon emissions every year.
  • What are the ways to buy your ticket?
    • Fully aware of choices for making purchases, Transport for Wales offers numerous ways to buy your train tickets. Simply use whichever one of these methods suits you best:

    • * At the ticket office

    • * Using a ticket machine

    • * Through our free mobile app

    • * Via our website

    • * By phone

    • * On the train

    • Click here for more details about each of these ticket-buying options.