Planning a journey to Llanelli?

Transport for Wales has got you covered. Hop on one of our high-speed trains from Hereford to Llaneli, enjoy a comfortable trip of around 2 hours in our top-notch trains, and save money with our cost-effective tickets.

Live departures and arrivals
  • Why Choose Transport for Wales?
    • Transport for Wales is a pet-friendly company and allows all of our customers to take their pets with them while they travel. Up to two pets per passenger are allowed, as long as their behaviour does not disrupt the other passengers. Your furry, feathery, or scaly friends are welcome under these guidelines.
  • What are the accessibility options for TfW trains?
    • We deeply care about each and every one of our customers, which is why we have implemented various accessibility services across our stations and trains. We offer ramps, address systems, and ample wheelchair spaces with accessible buttons for all the doors. We are adding new accessibility services weekly, so make sure to check more details on what we offer.
  • What destinations does TfW cover?
    • Our top-notch transport service spreads across the entire country of Wales and stops at various convenient locations. Transport for Wales also covers destinations in North West England, the West Midlands, and Gloucestershire, offering safe, reliable, and economic transport throughout a large part of the UK. Check more details by viewing our route map.