Enjoy your journey from Leeds to Swansea in high-speed style

Travel one of our regular routes from Leeds to Swansea with ease. Our free Wi-Fi lets you keep yourself entertained by streaming movies, playing games or just sitting back and admiring the views.


How long does the train take from Leeds to Swansea?

Around five and a half hours. Enjoy every minute of the 260-mile journey by sitting back, relaxing and watching the wonderful views go by.

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Why travel from Leeds to Swansea?

Travelling from Leeds to Swansea offers diverse experiences ideal for everyone. The route effortlessly connects the vibrant urban life of Leeds with the serene beauty of coastal Wales. Whether you’re travelling for leisure, business or education, our trains will get you there in ease and comfort.

From Swansea's captivating beaches along the Gower Peninsula to its rich cultural heritage embodied by landmarks like the National Waterfront Museum, every trip promises exploration and discovery. With convenient connections and a reliable service, you can easily visit family and friends, attend events, or immerse yourself in the charm of Swansea's landscapes and communities.

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