If you need to get from Leeds to the city of Chester, catching the train is the simplest and most relaxing way to travel. Far cheaper, less hassle and much kinder to the environment, you can enjoy the two hour journey and catch up on work, social media or stream the latest blockbuster via our reliable free Wifi.

The walled city of Chester sits on the River Dee in the county of Cheshire. On the border between England and Wales, Chester grew from the defensive fort built by the Romans in 79 AD, and is now a vibrant, cosmopolitan town with a colourful and rich heritage. For a family day out, Chester offers numerous attractions and things to see, keeping everyone happy.

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The Grade I listed cathedral was constructed in circa 907, but has been expanded throughout the centuries, including the addition of a Benedictine abbey in 1097, and a free standing bell tower in the 1900s. Built from the local red sandstone, the exterior is heavily decorated with carvings, and although many of the stained glass windows were lost at the hands of the Parliamentary troops during the English civil war in 1642 - 1651, the restored and replacement windows are truly glorious, and are a must-see on any visit to the city. 

If you want to hit the shops, Chester’s high street is home to all the big name stores with the modern, brightly lit interiors hidden behind the stunning black and white timber of the Tudor architecture. Many visitors to this atmospheric city come to experience the Rows. Built more than 700 years ago, this two storey ‘shopping centre’ allowed medieval merchants to display their wares over two floors, and today, shop keepers still trade here. The upper floor is dedicated to quaint boutiques and emporiums showcasing local artists and handcrafted wares. If you’re after unique treasures and cool gifts.

Why not relax after all that retail therapy with a glorious boat ride along the beautiful River Dee? Glide through the Duke of Westminster’s estate while enjoying afternoon tea on the river - what could be better!

Dewa Roman is the perfect adventure for any history lover or wannabe Roman Centurion. Clad in Roman armour, load a catapult and defend the walls from invaders, carry out patrols looking for enemy raiding parties and experience living in the past. Talking of the past, finish your visit to Chester with a spooky ghost tour. Taking you down old, narrow lanes, through cellars and to the oldest parts of the city that many tourists never see, the ghost guides have numerous tales of hauntings, and who knows, you may even see one of the many ghosts and spirits from Chester’s past. 

Spending the day, or longer, in Chester is a great idea, and one every family member will love. Why not plan your next visit on your train ride home, and with our money saving tickets, including Off-peak and Group travel, there’s nothing to stop you!