Pontypridd, lying just north of Cardiff, only takes half an hour to get to from Treherbert, and catching the train is the easiest way to travel. Connect to our free Wifi and catch up with your friends, the news or even the latest goings-on with your favourite soap.

The region is known for having some of the most glorious countryside Wales has to offer, so a trip to Pontypridd should start with a stroll along the banks of the River Taff. Cross over via either one of the two stone bridges the town is famous for, and continue your walk. The other nearby river is the Rhondda and this is where they merge into one fast-flowing waterway heading for the sea. Now home to many family friendly attractions, the region was once an important contributor to the Industrial Revolution.

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This history can be explored at the Welsh Mining Experience. In the 1800s, the mining industry thrived as the area was covered in vast coal fields. This brought money to Pontypridd, and it became known as the Wild West due to the fortune seekers moving in and setting up home. Set in the Rhondda Heritage Park, the interactive Mining Experience shows you, first hand, how hard the miners worked. In the dark, dirty dangerous pits, men toiled day and night to haul coal that was shipped all over the UK. 

Ponies, donkeys and mules help the miners haul heavy loads of coal to the surface, and although the last pit ponies were retired in the mid 20th century, their memory and the sacrifices made by them, live on in the Pit Pony Sanctuary. Over 70,000 equines were working in their heyday, and many, although generally well cared for, lived far shorter lives than their above-ground brothers due to the dust and hard labour their job entailed. The Sanctuary cares for neglected neddies, ensuring they live a comfortable, happy life, with plenty of love. If you wish to lavish a particular pony with even more love, there is a sponsorship scheme. This provides the sponsor with regular updates about their chosen pony, posters, photos and more, making the perfect gift for a pony mad youngster.  

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