Transport planning – what’s it all about?

We’re transforming transport in Wales to make it fit for the future, inspiring a nation to change the way it travels. Making sustainable transport the natural choice for our journeys, long and short, is crucial to combating the climate emergency we all face.

One of the ways we’re doing this is by taking a broad, strategic overview of Wales’ transport network and looking at how it can better meet all our needs. Whether that’s getting to work, school, your hospital appointment or off for that weekend away.


What does our Transport Planning and Development team do?

Our team of experts makes proposals for new transport developments across Wales based on data, innovation, industry best-practice and professional insight. They work closely with partners, including the Welsh Government and local councils, to make the case for investment in projects promising to deliver the best outcomes for people, communities and Wales as a whole.

We’re undertaking robust studies into the barriers people face to using sustainable transport and how we can overcome them. As well as helping protect our environment, better transport will help transform Wales’ economic prospects with more jobs, business and leisure opportunities.


Working with our communities

We know the communities we serve often know better than anyone the day-to-day challenges they face when travelling. We want them to help shape the exciting work we’re doing to make transport work better in Wales.

We’re providing opportunities for people and communities to feed back on key projects through formal consultations, stakeholder groups and panels.