If you’re looking for a memorable and interesting Welsh experience, then a train trip to Newport should be on your itinerary.

Trains run between Cardiff and Newport every 15 minutes or so throughout the day. You get to ride from Cardiff Central straight to Newport with no stops. Newport is still the third-largest city in Wales. There is much to see in this port city for its history and ambiance.

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If you are looking for a popular attraction where you can take your family for activity trails and musical events, the historical Fourteen Locks Canal should be on your must-visit list! 

Newport itself has lots of historical landmarks to visit. For instance, there are all the old pubs like Ye Olde Murenger House, a 19th-century pub with a mock Tudor front. 

Newport Castle is a 14th-century castle that was sacked in 1402 and left in disrepair during the English Civil War. It has since become a regular tourist destination for visitors of Newport.

Newport Cathedral is even older, having been founded and built during the 5th century. It even survived a pirate attack during the 11th century and was further damaged during the English Civil War. Like Newport Castle and the city of Newport itself, it has been through a lot. This is the kind of place you and your friends would want to visit if you’re looking for a place rich in history! 

Newport is a destination you won’t forget anytime soon. While it’s not a city everyone in the world knows of, it’s certainly worth the time. Book a trip to Newport from Cardiff with our app, which makes the process easy and convenient.