Catching the train from Cardiff to the town of Porth allows you to arrive feeling relaxed and unhurried. You can even connect to our free onboard Wifi and enjoy streaming live music or the latest blockbuster film while the glorious Welsh countryside flies by.

With the name meaning ‘gateway’, Porth was undeveloped, mainly comprising of fields and the occasional dwelling until the medieval period. The bridge crossing the nearby River Rhondda was built in the early 1500s, but the first important building in the area was the chapel Capel y Cymmer in 1743. This was joined a few years later by a mill and the infrastructure that a workforce required. The region developed a significance in the Industrial Revolution with mines dug on the Porth Estate, and a station to transport the coal.

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Today, the main industry in Porth is retail, and if shopping is your thing, Porth is the place to be. Hannah Street is home to all the big high street names, with some designer exclusives for a treat on special occasions. However, the adjacent Pontypridd Road and Porth Street contain many independent boutique stores. Showcasing local artists, if you’re seeking something more unusual, you’re bound to find just the thing here. 

If you’re looking for a real treat, Dark Skies Wales offers a one-off experience. With no light interference, the beauty of the night sky cannot be ignored. Planets, stars, constellations and galaxies can all be seen clearly, offering a daunting glimpse of the vastness that surrounds us. Porth has another link to outer space with the Porth Crater on the red surface of Mars being named after the town and possessing a diameter of over 9 kilometres. 

Bronwydd Park continues the ‘getting away from it all’ theme, offering long walks, cycle and scoot tracks, and even tennis courts and a safety-conscious playground. The wildlife and abundance of rare plants and flowers make this a wonderful chance to relax, close to the centre of the town. 

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