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How long is the train from Hereford to Holyhead?

It takes approximately 3 1/2 hours to make the 118-mile journey from Hereford to Holyhead by train.

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Why travel from Hereford to Holyhead by train?

Holyhead has a lot to offer including coastal activities for the whole family. Discover the great list of things to do in Holyhead, including the Maritime Museum, Mountain Hut Circles and more. Travelling to Holyhead also gives you access to the ferry over to Ireland, with the train station and ferry port in the same building, keeping the mainland well-connected.


  • Why take the train from Hereford to Holyhead?
    • Do you hate traffic, driving in miserable weather, looking for parking and arriving at places stressed out? Then try travelling by train from Hereford to Holyhead, not only will you be cutting carbon emissions, but you will save money and have more time for yourself.

  • What are the accessibility options for TfW trains?
    • We believe train travel is for everyone and should be inclusive to all. If you are visually impaired, have small children in a pushchair or have a disability meaning you need assistance when you travel. We can assist you in whatever way you need.

  • Can I take my dog on the train to Holyhead?
    • You can bring up to two pets on all our trains as long as they’re well-trained and don’t cause an inconvenience or danger to other customers. Find out more about our pet-friendly travel options.


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