Head over to the town of Holyhead, which is an hour and 45-minute journey from Bangor by train.

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Situated on Holy Island, connected to Anglesey by the Four Mile Bridge and the Stanley Embankment, Holyhead is such a special and unique place, with a rich and varied history, making it a must-see.

The South Stack Lighthouse offers jaw-dropping views across the island. Only reachable by a narrow bridge, this exhilarating site is a photographer’s dream! Nearby is  Caer Gybi, better known as St. Cybi’s Church, which was originally built over a Roman fort, one of the many throughout the area. The small church has seen much blood over the past centuries, with many priests and parishioners seeking shelter inside its solidly built and welcoming walls.

Holyhead Mountain Hut Circles is an important archaeological site, teaching us much about the ancient people of Wales. Numerous important artefacts have been recovered from the nearby Trefignath Burial Chamber, a Neolithic burial site indicated by the remains of a large cairn containing the three stone tombs.

Art buffs should head for the Ucheldre Centre. With a full programme of events and exhibitions showcasing both local and wider afield talents, the gift shop, alone, is well worth a visit, and the cafe, with its selection of delectable homemade cakes, just finishes the day off perfectly! 

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