If you’re heading for the stunning Welsh resort of Holyhead, hopping on the train for the trip allows you to get there feeling relaxed and looking forward to your break. Take advantage of our on-board free Wifi and catch up with your friends, or enjoy the latest Hollywood blockbuster. You can even plan the landmarks and attractions you wish to explore whilst in Holyhead.

This picturesque town lies on Holy Island in the Irish Sea. Separated from the island of Anglesey by the Cymyran Strait, Holyhead is a major port for transporting goods. The whole area of Anglesey is rich in history and numerous Roman relics and ancient ruins have been excavated. These include impressive groups of prehistoric burial chambers and the remains of several Roman forts.

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In the centre of Holyhead is St. Cybi’s Church. The walls of the Roman fort that originally stood on this site now protect this ancient church from the harsh elements that scour this rugged island, though, rather than bloodthirsty hordes.  

A great attraction, especially for children are the Holyhead Mountain Hut Circles. These are part of a hugely important archaeological site comprising the ruins of more than 20 prehistoric huts. Circular in shape, they would, originally, have had thatched roofs, and could have been dwellings, workshops or were possibly built for spiritual purposes.

Next, head for the South Stack Lighthouse. Silhouetted on the skyline, this isolated look-out can only be accessed by descending a steeply stepped cliff face and crossing a narrow bridge spanning the deep sea. However, the views from the Victorian lighthouse is well worth the nerve-wracking trip, and for wildlife photographers, the vast number of seabirds, including guillemots and puffins, can lead to impressive images 

For lovers of culture, the Ucheldre Centre offers a full programme of events, performances and exhibitions. Whatever your taste, be it ballet, classic theatre or stand-up comedy, there’s something to please everyone. Why not book a table at one of the fine dining restaurants in the town and enjoy a sumptuous meal before your show? It’s the perfect way to finish your day in the charming town of Holyhead. 

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