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The medieval market town of Shrewsbury is a glorious place to enjoy a day out. Offering an exciting cosmopolitan vibe juxtaposed with a lavish history dating back to the ancient Britons, there’s something for everyone.

The narrow cobbled streets are a shopaholic's dream, housing all the big name brands and designer labels, but if you dig deeper, you’ll find the real gems. Independent boutiques showcase local crafts, such as handmade silver jewellery, or colourful cosy knitwear. The ideal place to hunt for unusual gifts, pick up some delicious home-baked cakes for your lunch. 

Overlooking the town is the iconic red sandstone castle. Shrewsbury Castle was built in the 11th century by the Normans, and although the original walls lie in ruins, the main keep itself is now home to the Soldiers of Shropshire Museum. For anyone interested in militaria, this collection of weaponry, armour, medals and much more is well worth a visit. If you’re seeking something a little different, though, a spot of purr therapy could be the answer. The Paws Cafe couldn’t be further from militaria if it tried. With 12 playful cats to fuss while you enjoy a relaxing cup of tea, feel any residue stress leaving your body - purrfect!

Nearby, for culture vultures, is the Theatre Severn. Offering a year round programme of performances and events, whether you favour opera, stand up comedy, or an exhibition of studio pottery, it’s all here. Just on the concourse outside is the Quantum Leap sculpture. Erected in celebration of Shrewsbury’s famous son, Charles Darwin, on his 200th birthday, it was designed by architect Ranbir Lal, and unveiled in 2009 by Randal Keynes, a great-great-grandson of Darwin. Reminiscent of the DNA double helix, or a fluidly curved spinal column, it’s nicknamed 'The Slinky'.

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