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The walled city of Chester is undeniably one of the most fascinating destinations in the UK due to its mix of rich heritage and diverse attractions. Dating back 2,000 years, many have made Chester their home and created the intriguing and vibrant city it is today. 

Head for the impressively solid Chester City Walls, and follow them around the outer ring of the city. Fortified prior to the civil war, they received much damage during this period. Finally, after their purpose as a defensive structure was eliminated, they were developed as a site of interest. 

From the walls, you’ll have a great view of Chester’s half-timbered Medieval galleries that run along the four main streets – Watergate, Northgate, Eastgate, and Bridge Street. Often called the first-ever shopping centre, this two storey feature is unique to Chester, allowing you to experience the atmosphere of quaint charm and mysterious dark corners. Home to a wealth of independent retailers showcasing local handcrafts, The Rows are a must-see on your visit to Chester. 

At the city’s Eastgate, stands one of the most photographed clocks in the world. It was designed and built in 1897 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee. Beautifully decorated, and finished with a verdigris dome, this impressive timepiece is a focal point for your trip to Chester. 

For something to keep the little ones happy, head for the conservation-focused Chester Zoo and explore its vast grounds of more than 125 acres. The perfect attraction for animal lovers, the Zoo is world-renowned for its captive breeding programme. From graceful elephants and majestic big cats, to the fun-loving meerkats - there’s something for everyone here. Why not sponsor your favourite furry - or scaly, animal? You’ll receive regular updates and help fund their ongoing projects. 

To end your day, a river cruise along the Dee is perfect. Relaxing with the lap of water against the bow, watching the city float peacefully by is a glorious escape from everyday life. 

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