Catching the train for the 50-minute journey from Cardiff to Abergavenny makes life so much more relaxing, and with services running throughout the day, there’s plenty of flexibility.

With our discounted Advanced tickets, and Off-peak options, you’ll have more to spend in Abergavenny. Known as the Gateway to Wales, Abergavenny is quintessentially Welsh, and with a rich history and a vibrant present, it has plenty to offer the visitor.

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Abergavenny was once the site of a Roman fort, over time being transformed into a stunning medieval walled town within the Welsh Marches. You can see the remnants of this history in the ruins of the centuries-old stone castle built during the Norman conquest of Wales.

Abergavenny Castle is now a museum, housing many Welsh treasures and secret gems, from ancient Roman coins found in the area to contemporary Welsh art and sculpture. Nearby is the Priory Church of St. Mary, with its beautiful stained glass windows, ancient effigies, and cool, peaceful atmosphere. 

If you’re looking for a wide outdoor space with lots of green and sunshine, stop and relax at Bailey Park. There’s also Castle Meadows, which has the best of both historical significance and natural splendor.

For breathtaking beauty, visit the Black Mountains of Wales. The Skirrid lies northeast of Abergavenny, while its parent peak Sugar Loaf Mountain looms over the northwest side of the town. They are some of the most awe-inspiring natural sites you’ll ever visit.

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