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Connect to our free onboard Wifi, surfing for the latest news, social media posts or finding the best attractions in Crewe. The Cheshire town of Crewe is renowned the world over for its production of Rolls-Royce cars until 2002, and now the successful manufacture of Bentley at the Pyms Lane factory. Daily tours allow you to get up close and personal to the iconic motors and the production’s state-of-the-art technology. Meaning weir in old Welsh, Crewe is traversed by the River Waldron, which downstream, joins the Weaver flowing to the sea.

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Confusion arises around the town of Crewe, the civil parish of Crewe and even the township of Crewe, whether they were named after the station, or whether the station was granted its name first. Even local families who’ve been residents for many generations do not know the answer to this question. An old riddle describes this unusual state of affairs "The place which is Crewe is not Crewe, and the place which is not Crewe is Crewe."

The Crewe Heritage Centre charts the story of this great town through the centuries, including the history of the railway. Big and little kids can drive a locomotive, ride the miniature train track, or explore the many visiting and permanent locomotives. Signal boxes, junction controls and the jewel in the crown - the surviving 1979 Advanced Passenger Train (APT) - a prototype built in Derby and designed to tilt to achieve higher speeds, make this site well worth visiting. 

The 16th-century Little Moreton Hall is splendidly half timbered, and surrounded by a defensive moat. The dramatic black and white design of the building allows the effects of the subsidence to be visible and what should be straight lines, are wonky and slanted. This stunning National Trust property is full of original furniture and brought to life by costumed guides who go to great length to demonstrate life in Tudor England. The Hall has many ‘witch marks’ etched onto walls and woodwork. Scratched to ward off the evil eye, there are over 200 such marks, making Little Moreton notable. The grounds include a glorious Tudor knot garden, perfect for exploration. 

Crewe Market is a great place to look for the unusual. Stalls featuring local crafts, artisan produce, and other treasures draw many shoppers from far and wide. Whether you’re looking for a cosy knitted cardigan, or a hand crafted piece of silver jewellery, you’ll find it here. Why not treat yourself to some delicious homemade fudge for the journey home? 

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