A train ride can be a relaxing, enjoyable experience, and catching the train is the easiest way to travel from Liverpool to the medieval town of Shrewsbury. Saving money, helping the environment and keeping stress levels low, trains today offer access to free Wifi, so why not take full advantage? Stream movies, music or games for the hour and a half journey, or spend it catching up with your mates on social media.

The glorious market town of Shrewsbury, nestled in a curve of the River Severn, has a rich, culturally diverse history that stretches back to the ancient Britons. With over 650 listed buildings, and an almost unchanged medieval street plan, Shrewsbury is a fascinating place to explore. Offering something for everyone, there are numerous attractions and things to see in and around the ancient town.

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Hard to miss, the red sandstone castle is a great place to start your adventure. Built in 1070 by the Normans as a defensive structure standing between Wales and England. With the river on one side and the fortification on the other, Shrewsbury remained well protected against the Welsh raiders. In the castle building is the Soldiers of Shropshire Museum dedicated to the King’s Shropshire Light Infantry and the Shropshire Yeomanry.

Shopping in Shrewsbury has all angles covered. From high street names, and designer labels to home made delicacies and quirky boutique gifts. The narrow streets are home to quaint storefronts showcasing artisan crafts and one-off pieces, such as handmade silverware, framed original paintings, and beautiful knits. However, if cute furry fun is your bag, take a break from retail therapy at the Paws Cafe. Featuring kittens and cats of every type, enjoy afternoon tea and scones surrounded by happy contented purrs from the resident felines. 

Charles Darwin was born here in February 1809, and his love for the natural world developed as he explored the area as a boy. The glacial rocks that litter the landscape around Shrewsbury inspired his fascination for geology, and the river and its wildlife rich banks taught the young boy much about the local flora and fauna. Guided tours take in all the naturalist’s favourite spots, providing excerpts from his great works along the way, and make a fantastic addition to your day in Shrewsbury. Opposite the Theatre Severn, to celebrate his 200th birthday, the Quantum Leap sculpture was erected. 

The Theatre Severn, on the banks of the river, offers a year round programme of events and performances, including live music, opera and dance, and there is also a beautifully designed restaurant serving classic British cuisine in relaxed surroundings. Enjoy the perfect end to your day with a sumptuous meal followed by a show. 

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