Whether you’re heading to Chester for business or pleasure, a trip by train from Liverpool allows you to arrive feeling refreshed and relaxed.

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Arriving in Chester, you can’t help but notice the rich history of the city - it’s all around you. Strong, protective walls surround the town that was founded in 1 A.D. by the Romans, and nearby the impressive amphitheatre, the largest in Britain, still draws visitors to Chester just as it used to. The walls, too, after their purpose as a defensive structure was defunct, now are a site of interest. 

From the vantage of the city walls, Chester’s half-timbered Medieval Rows are visible. Running along the four main streets - Bridge Street, Watergate, Eastgate and Northgate, they are widely considered to be unique in the world. This two-tiered shopping experience, built nearly 800 years ago, houses, on the ground floor, all the bright colours of contemporary high street shops, while on the upper storey you’ll find quaint boutiques showcasing artisan gifts. The Rows are a must-see on your visit to Chester, as is the nearby Eastgate Clock. Classically Art Nouveau, and although built to celebrate Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee, with more than a nod to the worlds of Tim Burton’s imagination, this wrought iron, gilt and verdigrised copper stands tall and proud over the Eastgate. 

Alongside the rich heritage of Chester, there are numerous family-friendly interactive attractions, too, including Jodrell Bank Observatory, a Unesco World Heritage Site and home to the Lovell Telescope. This huge telescope has been tracking and recording data from the depths of space since its five year construction was finished in 1957. Lovell has tracked Soviet and American moon probes in the late 50s, recorded signals from the Russian born satellite, Venera 1, heading for Venus (although to this day, the source hasn’t been confirmed), and, more recently,  helped in the search for the Mars rover, the Beagle 2.  

Why not end your day with a glorious evening river cruise along the sedate Dee? Relax and watch the banks flow by, listening to the soft lap of water against the bow. 

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