Catching the train from Birmingham to the city of Hereford prevents you getting caught up in frustrating traffic jams, and tiring motorway driving, allowing you to arrive at Hereford Station feeling refreshed and ready to explore.

Why not take advantage of the free Wifi and spend the hour and a half journey catching up with social media, that film you were watching or check out the best places to visit in Hereford? Located on the picturesque River Wye, the cathedral city of Hereford became established as a major settlement between AD 676 and 688, due to its proximity to the Welsh border. Over the centuries, it’s witnessed bloody battles, sieges and burnings. Today, it’s a vibrant cosmopolitan city, with a rich heritage, and numerous attractions and things to do. The countryside around Hereford is an ideal cycling country, and the trains have easily accessible allocated bike spaces for you to use.

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Hereford Cathedral is a good place to start and is home to the internationally acclaimed Mappa Mundi. This impressively well-preserved relic from the 13th century is the largest and oldest surviving map of the medieval world. It teaches us how religious scholars saw and understood the world. With depictions of terrifying monsters in the oceans, and strange people inhabiting far off lands, it’s a fascinating insight into past times. 

Sticking with the history of the area, Longtown Castle, on the outskirts of the city, is a remnant of the 12th century Hereford, constructed only 100 years before the cathedral. An impressively maintained motte and bailey design, with thick protective walls to guard against Saxon invasions. Ideal for a sunny day picnic, kids will love exploring its arches, walls and doorways. 

If your idea of fun is something more adrenaline-fueled, head to HS Activities. With a wide range of activities, there’s something to please big and small kids alike, including archery, laser tag, paintball and air gun shooting. There’s plenty of help available and absolute beginners are welcome to join in, while at nearby Raceway there’s fast and furious go-karting if that is more your thing. 

For a spot of retail therapy, Hereford has plenty to offer, including the big high street names, and designer labels. However, if you’re after something a little more unusual, enter one of the many independent boutiques tucked away on corners and in cobbled alleys throughout the city. In these emporiums to the unique, you’ll find an eclectic mix of crafts, handmade gifts, and delicious local delicacies - why not indulge yourself for the journey home with some morishly sweet homemade fudge! 

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